Welcome to BRJ Fabrications


Hello there! I’m Ben, the heart and soul behind BRJ Fabrications. This little venture of mine started during the 2020 COVID pandemic as I set out to challenge the market flooded with low-quality, expensive items by offering beautifully crafted, superior homeware. Driven by a love for fine craftsmanship, I launched this business to bring high-quality, handmade items right to your door.

Al, my partner, is a huge part of this too. He takes care of our emails, finances, phone calls, and brochures. You’ll usually find him at his laptop, coffee in hand, seamlessly managing his tasks here while also running his own venture.

Coming from a background in welding cars and making custom lights, I knew I had something special to offer. It all started with a bramble leaf wall art that I popped on eBay; it sold within 20 minutes, and that’s when I knew this could really be something!

Since then, I’ve been pouring my heart into crafting one-of-a-kind pieces in my workshop, catering to both individuals and fellow small businesses.

Our Mission

At BRJ Fabrications, we’re all about creating exceptional products that are as affordable as they are impressive. I use a mix of traditional techniques and modern software to make sure each piece is unique. Each product is crafted by hand, ensuring unmatched quality from start to finish.

Our Journey

In the past three years, BRJ Fabrications has flourished. My dedication to craftsmanship has allowed me to build strong relationships with top suppliers, giving me access to the best materials at fair prices—this means great value for our customers.

Why choose us?

Many of our clients keep coming back for the bespoke designs and personal touch that BRJ Fabrications offers. Whether you’re after a special colour, a floral touch, or want to see your own sketch come to life, I’m here to tailor each product to fit your vision perfectly. Our commitment to customisation and craftsmanship makes us stand out in a crowded field.

Join our community.

Come explore our range of handcrafted products and see the difference that true craftsmanship makes. When you choose BRJ Fabrications, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in a piece of art crafted with care and precision.

Thanks for stopping by, BRJ Fabrications. I’m looking forward to making something wonderful just for you.

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Warm regards,

Ben is the owner and founder of BRJ Fabrications.