Chunky Tabletop Candle Holder


These chunky table top candle holders are a beautiful and functional addition to your home. The combination of robust and substantial design, elegant fishtail detailed stamped scrolls, and contemporary drip tray and finish make them a perfect fit for modern homes with a minimalist style.

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Our chunky table top candle holders are a beautifully designed and crafted piece of home. Made with chunky wrought iron, the holders are sturdy and heavy, giving them a robust and substantial feel.

The fishtail detailed stamped scrolls add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall design, making them perfect for a range of decor styles. The scrolls are well-crafted, adding depth and texture to the holders while contributing to their overall charm.

The holders are finished with a stylish and simple modern drip tray that accents the complete holder for a contemporary look and finish.

These chunky table top candle holders are built to last and sold as singles, making them a perfect investment for your home.

modern wrought iron design.
quadrouple feet.
spike for standard wax candle types
tri-corner drip tray.
Includes LED candle
chunky detail
100% all metal construction.

Dimensions (mm) APPROX:

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Candle Holder




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